Barbecue for a private house in Dibrova-Leninskoe village

Wiev on barbecue. Sketch
Wiev on barbecue. Sketch
Olena Bulavko
Artem Novak

On the same site and for the same clients who commissioned the children's playground, the next challenge for us was the organization of the barbecue and facility area.

The barbecue area should connect the existing two-storey building of the main house and the guest house building, covering the space between them with a large canopy.

The facility area is also located between the two buildings and includes a kitchen for cooking and preparation of natural products collected in the surroundigs, a laundry room and a storage room. They all open onto a spacious hall with a beautiful mosaic on the floor.

Wiev on barbecue. Sketch The masterplan The Barbecue. Visualization from the arbor The Barbecue. Sketch of the plan Supportive bloc. Visualization from the entrance Supportive bloc. Sketch of the plan The Barbecue. Section 2-2 The Barbecue. The plan Supportive bloc. Northen side Supportive bloc. The plan