Private house, Gorenka village, region of Kiev

View from the street
View from the street
Luigi Fiumara
Danylo Kosenko

The motive for this 450 sqm house came mainly from the quality of the site and from the wish of the client to create a feeling of protection. The building climbs from the lower part of the lot, closer to the street, onto a small hill from which a view on the neighbouring lake opens. The house has been therefore designed using a system of split-levels. The curved configuration in plan creates an inviting entrance courtyard and emphasizes the upward-movement of the building, which is conceived as an organism closed on the street-side and gradually opening towards the hill and the view. Out of this reason the elevation on the hill-side has a stronger individual expression than the others and functions as “face” of the house. The proximity of the forest has lead to the use of wooden cladding for the upper part of the facades. The wave-like bottom edge of the cladding conveys a feeling of dynamic and development, underlining the overall concept.

View from the street Ground floor plan Main elevation (terrace side) Street elevation Street elevation-detail View from the terrace Detail View from the street Detail Entrance Playroom Window in the playroom Living room