Straw bale house, Lviv

West view
West view
Iryna Biletska

"Base" - a small house for a young family with two children. We were going to build a large house from natural building materials near Lviv. Before it we decided to build a "Base" on which we could test all the innovative building solutions. The walls are made of straw bales with wooden frame. This technology was born in the U.S. at the beginning of the 20th century and is now widespread throughout the western world.

The architecture of house corresponds to the site and to the functional tasks: the house is centered on a highly efficient Kuznetsov stove around of which the living room and the kitchen unfold their spaces. The main bedroom is on the east side, the guest bedroom is on the west side and looks onto the building site of the future main house, a storage room is located on the north side.

In the house we want to combine energy efficiency concepts and natural building materials. Therefore the building features:
- Passive solar heating (the main windows face south , the floor is massive to collect solar heat and give it back to the house)
- A porch on the south side protecting from the sun in summer, but letting low winter sunrays inside
- Heating stove (using-  wood as a renewable resource)
- Street-shower, using hot water from solar collectors on the roof.

West view Flour plan South view Perspective view