Lamp for a workshop room

Olena Bulavko
Vitaliia Barkar
Lidia Apanasenko
Iryna Biletska
Natalia Kharkova
Svitlana Semenova

We needed a lamp for our workshop. A lamp that unites. A lamp that creates a friendly atmosphere. A lamp with a pleasant soft light. A lamp that brings a positive quality. A lamp that impresses and inspires to be creative.

The lamp and the table are complementary to each other: the formal elements of the lamp are related to the shape of the table. This supports the creative atmosphere of our workshop.

The lamp consists of two parts: the lower one (made of three elements) refers to the zoning of the room and to the main movement directions within it. The shapes of the two parts (upper and lower) are similar and result  from a metamorphic process of a common formal principle.

Detail View from below View without fabric screen Side view