Lazure in Odessa

Living room
Living room
Olena Bulavko
Lidia Apanasenko
Anna Demyanova

What is transparent wall painting?
"....An unusual, more spiritually oriented painting technique, separate from sponging, ragging and typical glazing is the Lazure technique. Color is a vital consideration in 'tuning' a room for its intended use...the white surface behind lazure color reflects light back through the layers of glaze making the colors appear to be 'in the space' rather than simply on the wall ... The combined colors in the lazure method weave an enlivening variety for the human eye and Spirit. Never intruding, always inviting, the colors interplay with the subtle nuances of Nature, creating a depth not normally present on most interior walls."

    From Home Design from the Inside Out
    by Robin Lennon

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