Office space, Kiev

Realization. Meeting area
Realization. Meeting area
Olena Bulavko
Olena Terekhova
Vitaliia Barkar
Anton Shurgalskiy

The main tasks of this project, now being realized, were to find an appropriate functional solution and to express the character of a modern large company with young and active co-workers. The space of the cafeteria had to be shaped for hosting work meetings and including a reading and a children area. The company's colours had to be used to support corporate identity. 

Since the company does not own the rooms, we were asked to minimize the costs using very simple and unexpensive means. Basing on the field of activity of the company (food) and on its interest in Ukrainian values supported also by the company's social initiatives, we used ceramic tiles with enamel and soft flax pillows on the walls, which give an "unofficial" feeling and make the space cozy and relaxed.


Realization. Meeting area The 'chocolate' pillows on the walls of the cafeteria Three-dimesional plan of the cafeteria Realization. Dining area Kitchen tiles with company's symbol Ceramic logo during manufacturing Vizualization. Dining area, common table and company's logo Realization. Dining area, common table and company's logo Realization. Dining area View of the children's area Realization. Installation of lamps