Front view
Front view
Olena Bulavko
Vitaliia Barkar
Lidia Apanasenko
Alyona Kustovska
Mykola Vognyk

In front of the group was a black piano, an instrument that emits music and creates new worlds. Why should it be black? Is it possible to bring the instrument closer to its essence, to the essence of the music and to its sounds? But what is the instrument in itself? Where is the heart of a piano? How does the sound spread? How do the impulses of music proceed from the pianist to the listener?

Colour has a deep connection with music and it can express tone, timbre, rhythm, melody in different ways. We chose to use colour as an expression of the sound and of the energetic waves spreading from an instrument. Colour as an expression of impulses that stimulate the person to creativity, to touch the keys, and incite him to freeing the music from the instrument. We were solving on practice a rather complicated task – how to express music in colour.

We decided not to add anything decorative and artificial - for example patterns or sceneries. The pattern of the wood fibers seemed to us corresponding to our idea about musical flowing. In the lower part of the instrument, under the keyboard, we tried to show the impulse which leads to the wish of playing. It is a wish of music to sound. This wish, as the motivation of the pianist to play, increases and flows upwards. On the level where the hands of the player touch the keys - in the moment when he is ready to play – the impulse is turning into action. At a certain point the sound arises form the hammers and starts to spread all around. This is shown in the streams of colours on the wooden surface above the keyboard, whereas the quality related to the creation of the melody appears on the sides and on top of the piano.

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