Olena Bulavko
Vitaliia Barkar
Lidia Apanasenko
Iryna Biletska
Natalia Kharkova

The task was to create a table for five persons for work and meetings. As it is known, form follows function and  that is why we first deepened our understanding of the function of the table:   

- Five personalities will work together on something common. Everyone needs his own space but the atmosphere and the mood should give a sense of unity

- The choice of wood as material determines some constructive and form features. Wood doesn’t ‘want’ to be straight. Wood is alive and this should be expressed

- The construction of the table and the form of its details should show the flowing of the physical forces and tensions in the object. The form of the table top allows each person sitting around it  to feel his / her uniqueness. This quality is achieved through the irregular and flowing shape of the table top. So everyone can find an individual place for himself. Thanks to its flowing qualtiy the table top doesn’t separate individualities, but creates a feeling of harmony and community.

The design of the legs is dictated by the way how wood responds to tensions and by how the load of the upper part is being transmitted to the floor.

Detail The table during manufacturing Scheme of seats positioning around the table for conversation Oblique view View from below Side view