Landscape design of the plot by individual house

Sketch of masterplan
Sketch of masterplan
Olena Bulavko
Olena Terekhova
Anton Shurgalskiy
Artem Novak
Iryna Hutsul

The owner of the house is a young and energic man who prefers luxurious rigor and classic architectural styles.
In conversation with the client became clear how to find the solution for the area around the house, so that he could  feel comfortable and pleasant to spend time sunbathing by the pool, to sit in company of friends in a separate area with canopy and barbecue, or to enjoy the view of the entire site from a terrace protected from wind,. A particular wish of the owner were a rectangular pool, a pond at the entrance of the site and an area for dogs. From our side, we offered him an interesting solution based on different terraces which would change the flat character of the site. We also suggested to place in the farthest corner of the garden a thick grove of trees and, inside it, a light and romantic sitting place, where you want to go, alone, to read, meditate, or smoke hookah.
We left an open lawn between the pool area and the bushes and flower beds along the plot border  to give a feeling of freedom and generosity of space.

Sketch of masterplan Visualization of masterplan Visualization. Wiev on barbecue Dendroplan Barbecue. Elevation 10-1 Realization, swimming pool Realization,  car's carport Realization,  car's carport Realization, Covered terrace Realization, Covered terrace